1. Estimate
At this stage I will typically communicate with the client via email or by phone (we can even meet in person if needed). It’s good to have a clear idea of all your design project needs. I provide an estimate based on a sample of the image or description of the design project.

2. Agreement
At this stage we have determined all your project needs and a Project Proposal will be written up. This will need to be signed and dated by the client and myself and either mailed or emailed back to me. I come to an agreement with you on price before proceeding.

3. Deposit
At this stage I request that a 50% deposit is paid to me to start all photography/design jobs. Payments can be made by cash, cashiers check or credit cards (via paypal). Your deposit is required before the work begins.

4. Concept Design
(Rough Drafts)Once the 1/2 down payment is received your Retouch, Photography or Design Concepts will be started. For Design projects I typically create 1-3 design sample roughs for the client to choose from depending on the job. These sample designs are typically emailed to the client as .jpgs for reviewing.

5. Revisions
(if needed) At the revisions stage, the client typically has the choice of making up to three separate revisions (changes) to the rough draft concept selected from the three that were emailed to the client.

6. Final Design
(Approval) After the final revisions are made and the client gives the “ok”, GD Image Doctor will then prep the art files for viewing online. Once the sample is online, the client can then make one final revision.

7. Completion
Release of the balance/artwork when the project is signed off by the client and the final payment is received, I will release all final approved artwork via Dropbox or GDrive to the client.


Consultation and Estimate:

I do not bill potential clients for initial consultation meetings,
emails or phone calls in which we discuss your needs for a project.
I will always provide a free estimate.


I will bill on either an hourly or on a project-fee basis, depending on the project requirements and the client’s preferences. Hourly fees typically work out better for the client. My speedy and proficient service will save you both time and money.


Payment by cash or cashiers check is preferred. Credit cards are accepted through my Paypal link below. Clients are responsible for paying sales tax, and shipping if necessary. I require a 1/2 down payment to start all jobs and the final payment upon completion*. All jobs require a project proposal to be signed and dated by the client before any work is started.


The rates vary depending on the individual project needs.
We will give the best rate we can based on a custom quote after seeing the image sample or having a description of your video project.

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